The gold trail

In the footsteps of the gold panners

The gold trail

(Nr.15 in the Dreiburgenland hiking map)

Circular hiking trail, approx. 12 km, 3 hours

In order not to let the historical gold deposits in parts of the municipality of Witzmannsberg and the Tittling market be forgotten, the gold trail was designated in 2000. Starting from the Schrottenbaummühle, the path leads to the so-called Seifenhügeln (soap hills) in the Eppendorfer Forest.

Up until the Thirty Years' War, the sandy material was "washed" in small streams on these hills. The heavy gold grains remained in the washing facilities. The excess sand created the soap mounds.
The hike then continues via Muth to the Schneidermühle on the Ilz. On the Ilz hiking trail downriver, after approx. 5 km you reach the starting point at the Schrottenbaummühle.