Schloss Saldenburg
Schloss Saldenburg
Schloss Saldenburg
three castles,
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Welcome to the beautiful Dreiburgenland in the Bavarian Forest

Our versatile holiday region is located between the three-river city of Passau and the Bavarian Forest National Park. It is a worthwhile travel destination for hikers, wellness fans, climbers, water and winter sports enthusiasts, e-bikers, and cyclists, as well as nature lovers and friends of the Lower Bavarian lifestyle and culture.

What vacationists may expect here in Dreiburgenland

the varied Bavarian Forest

Lush forests, verdurous meadows and pastures, a unique and wild river landscape, wonderful lakes for bathing, a historical open-air museum and of course our three eponymous castles. Nature lovers will find all this in the beautiful Dreiburgenland on the edge of the southern Bavarian Forest. 

Nestled between the Danube and the oldest national park in Germany lies our idyllic holiday region, whose unspoiled low mountain landscape and densely forested hills and valleys have been attracting active vacationists and those looking for rest and relaxation for decades.

The three castles

deep forests - proud castles

As already mentioned, our beautiful region owes its name to the three medieval castles Fürstenstein, Englburg and Saldenburg. Due to their location high up on the hills, which are so characteristic for our area, the historical buildings can always be seen well from a distance. They tower above the area named after them like huge, brick-built signposts and offer hikers and cyclists not only orientation, but also some spectacular sights.

castle Fürstenstein


The castle complex of Fürstenstein above the village of the same name is located on a 578-meter-high rock and was first mentioned in documents in 1366. Until 2001 the castle hosted an elementary school for boys with a boarding school. Today the facility is privately owned and can therefore only be viewed from the outside.



The Saldenburg, which was built in the 14th century, has been owned by the German Youth Hostel Association since 1928 and has been home to a youth hostel since then. Due to the characteristic appearance of the main building, locals often just call it "forest lantern". The annual castle Christmas on the 1st Advent is a special highlight of the year at the Saldenburg and is definitely worth a visit.

castle Englburg


The Englburg (municipality of Tittling) is located near Fürstenstein. Built in the 11th century, it had served as a military hospital during World War II and was then used as a lung sanatorium until 1950. The Englburg is now in private hands, too, which is why the interior of the facility is not accessible to the public.

Natural wonder Ilz

the black pearl

At the foot of the National Park Mountains Rachel and Lusen, in the Bavarian-Bohemian border region, small streams and rivulets unite to form one of the last large white waters of Eastern Bavaria. On its way to Passau, where it finally merges with the Inn and the Danube, the Ilz also roams the Dreiburgenland. On a length of around 40 kilometres it offers walkers, hikers, cyclists, but also water sports fans the occasion to discover a really stunning, pristine nature.

The rushing rapids below the Dießenstein castle ruins, for example, not only delight lovers of romantic, original river landscapes and adventurous children, but also cast a spell on one or two daring kayakers.

A bit further down the river, those who prefer something a little quieter can explore the “black pearl” - as the Ilz is often called - on a rubber dinghy or a Stand Up Paddle Board. And if you are sure to find your luck in the vertical, you will get your money's worth in the Ilztal Climbing Garden located in a former quarry near Fischhaus.

Special hiking and excursion tips along the Ilz

Active through the Dreiburgenland

to be in the fresh air

Of course, our beautiful area also offers plenty of attractive alternatives for an exciting vacation and leisure time away from the Ilz. So countless other hiking, riding and cycling paths, as well as small forest roads and hidden single trails crisscross the densely forested Dreiburgenland and the neighbouring regions of eastern Lower Bavaria. They all invite active vacationists, nature lovers and families with children to explore the varied surroundings on foot, on a horse´s or pony´s back or by mountain bike or e-bike. The Danube-Ilz Cycle Path, completed in 2006, for example, leads almost 50 kilometres from Hengersberg to Kalteneck. The mostly paved path on a former railway line opens up its own perspective on nature and the towns along the route.

shaking fun


A hike to the rocking stone natural monument "Wackelstein" (municipality of Saldenburg) provides a special experience for the whole family. With a little effort and, above all, the necessary skill, the rock, weighing tons, can surprisingly be moved by one or two people. Such stone formations are actually extremely rare in nature.



Just a few kilometres away, in Thurmannsbang, the ascent to the observation tower at the Ochsenriegel (622 m) is rewarded with a 360-degree panoramic view of the forests, meadows and towns of the Dreiburgenland. If the weather is right, you can not only see the peaks of the Bavarian Forest, but also the Alps in the opposite direction. And if you look closely, you will almost certainly be able to discover our three castles between the surrounding treetops.

scramble and hike

Gipfelkreuz des grossen Falkenstein im Bayerischen Wald

For those who want to go a little higher, the nearby Bavarian Forest offers the opportunity to climb the peaks of Falkenstein (1315 m), Lusen (1373 m), Rachel (1452 m) and Arber (1455 m). The latter can also be easily reached by cable car. In the Bavarian Forest National Park, there is also a more than 200-kilometre cycle path network waiting for e-bikers and ambitious cyclists alike.

Relaxation in the Dreiburgenland

in harmony with nature


Of course, it does not always have to be a kilometre-long hike or the ascent to one of the Bavarian Forest peaks. The beauty of Lower Bavarian nature can also be experienced with a short walk by the lake or a leisurely ride on a pedal boat. Especially in the warm summer months, the bathing lakes in Eging am See (Rohrbachsee) and Tittling (Dreiburgensee) offer a welcome opportunity to relax lying on the shore in the shade of the trees or to treat yourself to a little cooling off in the water.


All those who have come to the idyllic Dreiburgenland in search of relaxation and wellness will find what they are looking for in the health resort Eging am See. In addition to the indoor pool, massages, and sauna area, the local Sonnen-Therme also offers a 15-station “Garden of the Senses” with a Kneipp pool and a view over the Rohrbachsee. The Hotel Seehof Tauer right on the banks of Dreiburgensee also includes a spa area with sauna, steam bath and whirlpool among its in-house attractions.


Not everyone longs for luxury and an extensive wellness offer on vacation. Some people, on the other hand, prefer to relax on a stress-free camping trip in the middle of untouched nature and thereby escape the daily grind in this special way. Those who prefer to trade in hotel rooms and restaurants for starry skies and campfires should park their campers directly in the Schrottenbaummühle, located on the picturesque Ilzufer, or in the Rotbrunn campsite in Neukirchen vorm Wald. Spending the night in a caravan or tent is not only a cheaper alternative to a hotel, holiday apartment or guest house, it also offers families with children an exciting opportunity to experience nature in all its facets.

Dreiburgenland in winter

the cold season at its best

Thanks to its location on the edge of the southern Bavarian Forest, Dreiburgenland is not only worth a trip in the warm months of the year. Even in the cold season, nature-loving holidaymakers and winter sports fans will get their money's worth here: cross-country tours, long walks and hikes over snow-covered hills or through enchanted forests;  ice-covered lakes and ponds, on which the older locals like to play ice stock sport and children play ice hockey. A lot of things that make our region so special in spring, summer and autumn also ensure a high degree of variety in winter.

Schneeschuhe und Stöcke im Schnee

The numerous lifts and ski slopes like the Steinberglift at the Brotjacklriegel or the nearby Bavarian Forest, an extensive and well-maintained network of tracks for cross-country skiing and skating, as well as the opportunity to climb the summits of Rachel, Lusen and Arber with snowshoes on your feet, promise winter holiday fun for young and old. An (evening) sleigh ride on the Lusen is also one of the indispensable winter excursion tips, just as the already mentioned castle Christmas in Saldenburg.

Pure Lower Bavaria - open-air museum, beer gardens and delicacies from the region

Pure Lower Bavarian lifestyle

Museumsdorf Bayerischer Wald

One of the largest open-air museums in Europe is located right on the southwest bank of the Dreiburgensee. On an area of ​​25 hectares there are 150 buildings from the period from 1580 to 1850 and a folkloric collection with 60,000 objects. Visitors of the “Museumsdorf Tittling” are taken on an exciting journey into the past of the Bavarian forest. Old courtyards, mills and chapels, lovingly furnished farmhouse parlours and colourful gardens as well as an exhibition specially designed for children vividly report on the religious and everyday life in Lower Bavaria in the past centuries.

tradition and culinary

On the other hand, if you want to experience today's Lower Bavaria and its residents up close, it is best to visit one of the numerous quaint taverns (Wirtshaus) or one of the cosy beer gardens of the Dreiburgenland region. The best way to experience the friendliness and conviviality of the people in our region is with a hearty snack (Brotzeit) and a cold beer. Speaking of snack: seasonal delicacies as well as regional and home-made products are increasingly being offered here in the area in so-called farm shops (Hofladen). Some farmers in Dreiburgenland sell basic foodstuffs such as milk, bread, cheese, eggs, and honey, but also delicacies such as smoked meat (Geräuchertes), home-made brawn (Presssack), liver dumplings or Bavarian donuts (Krapfen) directly on their own farm. That way, the shopping of Bavarian specialties and souvenirs for at home becomes a real experience for the whole family and a great end to an unforgettable vacation.

Tips for connoisseurs

Because the pandemic does not (yet) allow regular operations in gastronomy, we would like to recommend restaurants that offer their meals for you "TO GO".