Mushroom path

Not just for mushroom hunters an attractive tour

The Mushroom Path (Schwammerlweg)

(Number 14 in the Dreiburgenland hiking map)

approx. 6 km, 2.5 hours, 440-608 m ascent

Starting point: Tittling, district of Rothau, fountain at the forest car park at the "Seehof Tauer" inn

Following the marking, the path leads us through pine and spruce forest to the Höhenberg (603 m above sea level).
A short side path on the northern slope of the Höhenberg leads to an attractive vantage point with a view of the Saldenburg. Then we continue to the village of Stützersdorf.

At the entrance to the village we turn left into a side path and follow this to Unteröd, where we come back to the starting point according to the markings on the left side of the Dreiburgensee.
There are refreshment stops at the "Seehof Tauer" or on the other side of the lake at the "Mühlhiasl" inn and in future also at the Hotel Dreiburgensee.